Article II – Purpose and Objectives

Section 1. To promote the general acceptance of city or county juvenile court personnel as a professional endeavor in all phases of juvenile court services.

Section 2. To raise the professional competency of all juvenile court service personnel.

Section 3. To develop meaningful and effective relations between judges and juvenile court service personnel.

Section 4. To provide authoritative and professional expression of the views, policies, and positions of the Tennessee Juvenile Court Services Association on major issues in juvenile justice, such as legislation, trends and developments, treatment standards, and service to children.

Section 5. Create avenues for a regular exchange of ideas and techniques employed in the respective areas of administration, detention care, and court services..

Section 6. Unite members of this Association in the acceptance of a standard of conduct and a code of ethics by which they agree to abide in the performance of their duties.

Section 7. Encourage the development of community-based programs and services in Tennessee and give support to other professional organizations in improving youth services.

Section 8. Adopt such objectives and initiate actions as are consistent with the scope of this Association and which the members or Executive Committee may determine and approve. Any such executive actions are to be approved by the membership at the next meeting of the Association.