Article X – Grand Division Coordinators

Section 1. The Vice President along with the Training Committee Chairperson will recruit, appoint and train the three Grand Division Coordinators.

Section 2. Grand Division Coordinators shall serve on a voluntary basis to further the goals, aims, and objectives of the Association on a regular basis.

Section 3. The Grand Division Coordinators will be responsible for an area in West, Middle and East Tennessee. Each area shall be divided into regions.

Section 4. The three Grand Division Coordinators may recruit Regional Coordinators.

Section 5. The Grand Division Coordinators shall serve two-year terms, from annual conference to annual conference, but can serve consecutive terms.

Section 6. The Grand Division Coordinator will be allotted an amount not to exceed $1000.00 for the mini-conference. Any additional monies collected from sponsors or non-member participants will be accounted for, but can be used for mini-conference expenses. All funds are property of TJCSA and must be returned to TJCSA. The Grand Division Coordinators shall turn in an expense report and any additional monies to the TJCSA Treasurer within 60 days of their respective conferences.