Proposed bylaw changes for 2015

The following are proposed changes being recommended to the full TJCSA membership by the Bylaws Committee and will be voted on at the August 5th business meeting in Chattanooga:


Article IV-Officers

Section 1.  The elected officers of the Association shall consist of one President, one Vice President, one Secretary and one Treasurer.

Section 2.  Nominees for the office of President shall be persons who have a minimum of five consecutive year’s membership in the TJCSA and have served as a Chairperson of a committee or served at least two years on the Executive Committee.

Article VI-Duties of Officers

Section 5.

(a.)     Disbursements over the amount of $500.00 shall be made by check signed by the Treasurer and the President

(b.)     The Treasurer, at the request of the Executive Committee, will arrange for a financial review of the corporate books. This report is to be submitted to the Executive Committee at their next scheduled meeting.

(e.)      Past Treasurer shall provide a copy all financial records, to include receipts, to the next  administration prior to their first planning meeting. Past Treasurers shall maintain their financial records for a minimum of five years.

Article IX-Committees

Section 12.  The President shall appoint other committees as the need arises to serve the best interest of the Association, and these committees shall serve during the terms of the appointing President, and shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

Article XI-Fiscal Accountability

Section 1.  A maximum of $30,000 in funds and fiscal records shall be transferred to the new administration by the first quarterly meeting following the annual meeting.   The remaining balance shall be transferred to the mutual funds account by the outgoing administration prior to the first quarterly meeting.  There shall be no transactions regarding the mutual funds without prior approval of the Executive Committee.